Xcode Docset

How to install the included TICoreDataSync framework docset for use by Xcode

Most of the TICoreDataSync headers include appledoc-style comments. The output generated by appledoc can be seen in the framework’s Class Reference.

Installing the Docset

The easiest way to install the docset in Xcode is to use the feed.

  1. Open the Documentation Preferences:

    Open Xcode’s Preferences (Cmd-,) and choose the Documentation tab.

  2. Add the New Feed:

    Click the + button and enter the feed URL:


    Press Add.

  3. Fetch the Docset:

    Once Xcode has added the feed, press the Get button.

Generating the Docset

If you have appledoc installed on your system, you can generate the docset yourself. Navigate to the root of the TICoreDataSync repository, and execute:

appledoc .

This will generate the docset, and install it automatically.

If you don’t have appledoc installed, you can find out more information either at the GitHub repository:


or via the developer’s site:




Source Code

Available on GitHub