Synchronize Mac and iOS Core Data applications via Dropbox, iDisk, WebDAV and more

TICoreDataSync is an open source (MIT License) framework, enabling cloud-based synchronization (with optional encryption) for Core Data applications running on both Mac OS X and iOS.

Although it works well with Dropbox, TICoreDataSync is designed for use with a variety of different sync options. If the built-in classes don’t support what you need, it’s easy to extend the framework.


These pages contain general guides and tutorials, as well as a Class Reference. The class reference is also available as an Xcode docset.

If you’re new to the framework, start with the Overview document to understand the key classes and requirements. Then move on to the Mac Tutorial, which walks through adding TICoreDataSync to a Mac OS X Core Data non-document-based application.

The GitHub repository includes sample document-based applications; these are described in the Guide to Example Apps.

The framework comes with a set of classes to support synchronization either via file locations that can be accessed through NSFileManager (e.g., desktop Dropbox or iDisk), or through the iOS-only DropboxSDK rest client.

If you need to support a different sync option, take a look at Extending the Framework.


If you run into problems, please feel free to contact me directory, or let me know through the framework’s GitHub Issues page.


The encryption in TICoreDataSync is provided by code written by Graham Lee at Fuzzy Aliens Ltd. It’s included in TICoreDataSync under the same license through generous support from Kevin Hoctor at NoThirst Software.



Source Code

Available on GitHub